Poster Session Info


General Information

  • The poster board will be 4 feet tall by 6 feet wide, mounted on stands.
  • Thumbtacks will be available on-site for mounting the displays.
  • A chair will be provided for each Poster Session presenter.
  • No audiovisual equipment is permitted for poster presentations.
  • Poster sessions are split in half, with the first half of the session dedicated to odd-numbered posters and the second half for even numbered posters. Your poster number can be found in the conference program. Boards will be numbered to mark your assigned board.
    • Poster Session 1: Friday
    • Poster Session 2: Saturday
  • The author must remain by his/her poster board for the duration of the 40-minute session.
  • If handouts are to be distributed, bring approximately 50 copies.
  • Bring business cards with you in case the viewer is interested in more information.

Poster Development Tips

  • Materials should include the title of the presentation and list of authors. Letters in the title should be at least 1 inch high. Bring all illustrations needed — figures, tables, color photographs, charts.
  • The material should be well labeled and legible from a distance of 6-10 feet away. Lettering should be bold. If you will be posting typed material, use a large font size (24 point font) on white, non-glossy paper. Use 1-inch margins. Avoid use of fancy fonts. Use upper and lowercase letters. Sans serif fonts such as Veranda are much easier to read than Serif fonts.
  • Poster must be in landscape orientation. Poster size requirements:
    • Minimum = 24” x 36”
    • Maximum = 36″ x 48″