Atkin Award Information

The Charles Atkin Award for Translational Health Communication Research Scholar Award:

The 6th Translational Health Communication Scholar Award is presented at the conference to an eminent scholar who has made major contributions to health communication research, practice, and policy.

To see the presentation by the 2021 winner Dr. Kami Silk titled Making the Case for Translational Research in Health Communication register and:


2021 Winner Kami Silk 

The 2021 Charles Atkin Translational Health Communication Scholar Award is being given this year to Dr. Kami Silk!

The distinguished health communication scholar selected to receive the award this year is Dr. Kami Silk, the Rosenberg Professor of Communication and the Chair of the Department of Communication at the University of Delaware.  Kami will receive this award in recognition for her outstanding long-term program of community-based health communication research and intervention work that addresses important health risks in society.

It is most fitting that Kami will receive the Atkin Award given her long history of working closely with Dr. Charles Atkin at Michigan State University on important projects that made significant contributions to society.  Perhaps their most impressive collaborative work is a series of evidence-based health communication studies conducted as part of the innovative NIH-funded translational Breast Cancer and the Environment (BCERP) transdisciplinary and translational research program designed to help prevent the onset of breast cancer.

I hope you will join us (virtually) at the 2021 DCHC conference when we present this distinguished award to Kami Silk! -Distinguished Professor Gary L. Kreps


Associate Dean of Research and Director of Master’s of Health and Risk Communications, Professor, Appointment with AgBioResearch

Kami Silk, (Ph.D., University of Georgia) was appointed as Rosenberg Professor and Chairperson of the Department of Communication at the University of Delaware in the Fall of 2018. She previously served as the Sr. Associate Dean for Research in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences and Professor in the Department of Communication and AgBioResearch at Michigan State University.  Dr. Silk is a health communication researcher who investigates how to communicate effectively to promote positive health outcomes among the lay public. Her most recent work has focused on social norms and persuasive message design across the health issues of breast cancer risk reduction, suicide prevention, and improving nutritional practices among adolescent mothers for obesity reduction among infants. Her research has been published in the Journal of Health Communication, Health Communication, Social Science & Medicine, Journal of Nutrition Education & Behavior, and Health Promotion & Practice. Dr. Silk is a researcher with the Breast Cancer and Environment Research where she has served as the PI of three projects and as a Co-I of another project. Her BCERP work includes communication science research and outreach activities to educate girls, parents, and pediatric health care providers about the links between the environment and breast cancer.

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