Preconference Overview

DCHC 2023 Preconference

 Creating and Sustaining Academic-Clinical Research Teams


The DCHC preconference on Thursday April 27th will take the form of a morning workshop focused on preparing your “elevator pitch” to potential clinical research collaborators, followed by an afternoon of mentoring conversations with clinical researchers to advise participants on initiating and navigating a search for clinical collaborators and collaborative projects. Breakfast and lunch will be provided

The preconference is designed to be a follow-on to the 2022 KCHC preconference, but attendance in 2022 is not required. Anyone interested in building their abilities for seeking and navigating inter-professional research collaborations is welcome to attend. The day is designed to provide support for all levels. So, whether you’ve already been successful with inter-professional collaborations funding and want to do more or are just beginning and need help learning the ropes, this preconference is for you!

The morning will kick off with a roundtable of health communication scholars with deep experience in inter-professional collaboration discussing skills and strategies needed to initiate and navigate these relationships. Next, those experts will serve as mentors in interactive sessions designed to help you craft and practice your “elevator pitch.”

After lunch, we will host a group of clinical researchers who are well-versed in inter-professional collaborations. The afternoon structure will be parallel to the morning, with a roundtable discussion followed by interactive mentoring. In the mentoring sessions, participants will have an opportunity to meet with these experts to deliver their “elevator pitch” and receive guidance on how to embark on a search for collaborators and collaborative projects.